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Leo Gardiner

Creative Developer

Frontend; JS; C#;

Mixed Reality Crane Operator

Role: Lead developer

Client: Microsoft

Work of NV Interactive
Design by Chris Barneau
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This project was created to demonstrate interfaces between virtual reality and augmented reality. Created using Unity3d and c# it is Universal Windows Platform Application.

Using a HDMU (Head mounted display unit) users are placed in the first person perspective of a crane cockpit inside a construction zone. They have full control of the crane.

A Hololens (AR) user can see the construction zone in minature from a 360 degree top down view projected into their environment. They can set up challenges, control weather conditions and make life difficult for the crane operator.

It was demonstrated at the 2018 Microsoft Build conferences and made open source as an example of how to develop Mixed Reality applications.

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Queenstown Lakes District Council

Role: Lead front end developer

Work of NV Interactive
Design by Thomas Johnson

The Queenstown Lakes District is one of the most beautiful areas of New Zealand (Blenheim being the most beautiful). It's named after the resort town squeezed tightly between the Queenstown Lakes and the Remarkables Mountain Range. The district actually spans a far greater area and The Queenstown Lakes District Council makes decisions on behalf of people living there. In 2019 they decided that those people would benefit from a new website.

The solution involved creating a scalable CMS managed website which would fit the design brief whilst complying with high standards of usablity, accessiblity and security. Considering the site now has over 20,000 pages and counting, this provided a lot of fun challenges and now QLDC has a fully functional website providing essential information to 41,000 people.

The design, aside from mock ups, included a scalable design system. This was fantastic because we built the front end with the same systematic and modular methodology. This gives content managers stacks of flexibility whilst maintaining an appearance consistent with the mocked up pages. The majority of the site is basic css, html with a sprinkle of js. Where more functionality was required we injected the tiny vue.js framework.

When building a website like this accessiblity and perfomance becomes a primary concern from the first line of code to the last. With this many pages coherent navigation on all screen sizes was also a focus. Try it on an electronic fridge!

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